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Each year I make goals for myself so that I have a way of measuring my success. These goals keep me motivated throughout the winter so that I stay working hard when I can’t get outside to see the results. This year’s goals were pretty challenging as I wanted to push myself to improve a lot about my game. This was the list of them for 2019.

  • Average driver 210 and hit 60% of fairways
  • ≤ 1.5double bogeys per round
  • ≤ 31 putts per round
  • 60% GIR and 90% nGIR
  • Average 73 @ 4800 yards, 76 @5400, 78 @5800
  • Shoot under par once/ month anywhere
  • Play in 5+ Hurricane events and have 3+ top half finishes
  • Play in 1+ AJGA events
  • Win team states
  • Do SuperSpeed and workouts 3x weekly
  • Write in my mental game journal weekly

Looking back at my goals, I achieved most of them. From using my GAME Golf account I looked at my stats and saw that:

  • Averaged my driver about 200 and hit 70% of fairways
  • 1.4 double bogeys per round
  • 34 putts per round
  • 60% GIR and 90% nGIR
  • Averaged about 72 @ 4800 yards, 75 @5400, 77 @5800
  • Shot under par once/ month anywhere (had a week where I shot under par 3 times)
  • Played 6 Hurricane events and had 5 top half finishes including 2 wins
  • Played in 3 AJGA events
  • Placed 4th at team states
  • Did SuperSpeed and worked out 3x weekly
  • Wrote in my mental game journal occasionally

The goals that I am the most proud of reaching were my finishes in Hurricane Jr.  finishes and my fairway accuracy. I felt very confident swinging my driver this year and hitting 70% of fairways exceeded my goal by 10%! I’m also proud that I had 2 wins in Hurricane events and placed top half in all but one tournament. The goals that I failed to reach are my top priority for next year. I know that the weakest part of my game is putting and I could’ve shot much lower scores with even 1 or 2 less putts per round. I have a plan to work on it for a little bit every day in the winter and to analyze my stroke using a SAM Putt Lab. As for team states, I feel relieved knowing that I shot a good round of 77. I had the second lowest total of the day so I feel like for next year I can keep improving my game as well as helping others on my team improve theirs.