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Looking back on 2020, it was an unpredictable year and turned out much different than I imagined in January, February, and even a bit into March. When I made my list of goals, I didn’t account for a global pandemic, so a few of my goals weren’t able to be attained.

≤ 31 putts/round.
Incomplete – I had an average of 33.84 putts/round. I didn’t treat this as seriously as I said I would, and the results have shown. But I pride myself in not being stupid about these things. This is clearly the single biggest area for me to continue to shave strokes, so I will work toward this in 2021.

Driver: Average 220 yards with 70% fairways.
Incomplete – I averaged 203 yards, 68% of fairways. We don’t get much roll during many parts of the year here, due to the soil and the rain we get, but I think I can still achieve this in 2021.

66% GIR, 90% nGIR
Nearly Complete – I averaged 60% GIR, > 92% nGIR.

Average ≤ 1.2 double bogeys per round.
Complete – I averaged only 0.9 doubles bogeys (or worse) per round.

Average 71 @4800 yards, 74 @5400 yards, 77 @5800 yards.
Incomplete – I averaged about 77 for all yardages I played. Many of these were tournament events that were college distance (5900+), but not all. I think this shows I didn’t quite reach this goal. 

Meaningfully practice putting ≥1x/week.
– Incomplete. I practiced putting after some poor rounds, but let it slip after those sessions and did not maintain a schedule much.

Team: place top 2 @ States.
We placed 3rd as a team.

Individual: Win D10, top 3 Regionals, top 5 States.
Unable to be measured due to COVID-19 and the PIAA and Millcreek Township School District decisions.

Top 5 (or top three in fields < 8) in all HJGT events
Complete – Including two first-place finishes (wins).

Communicate with colleges bi-weekly.
Complete. I have a firm grasp of what’s available, where I want to go to college, and I’m got a very short list.

Update Website/Instagram bi-weekly.

am really proud of myself for communicating with colleges throughout the pandemic because it helped me narrow down my college search and dial in on what I want my college experience to look like. I have learned a lot about myself and what college/ university I am leaning towards attending.

My school withdrew me from the district event due to COVID-19 after the first round. I was in position to advance to states by 16 strokes, and knew I would grow that lead in day 2. Against my protests I was unable to re- enter due to the PIAAs policies. This cut short my high school golf career and didn’t allow me to compete in individual states. Despite this, I am still happy that I was able to attain almost all of my other goals. Although my team placed third in the state, we still did a great job and have something to be proud of, especially given the circumstances of this year.

The goal I found myself farthest from reaching was ≤31 putts per round. Putting is something that I seem to struggle with mentally when I’m competing and I have been working hard to combat this. For 2021, this will be a great goal to continue to work towards again and I am confident I will see progress.