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Before taking my first PAT, I was a little bit nervous but very excited to experience something so unique. I knew that the passing rate for all genders was quite low, but even more so for women. I was fortunate to play with two female college-golfers enrolled in a PGM program who were familiar with the course as well as the PAT format. I warmed up my game (in the 36° weather) and was off to play my first round. I had a few good holes, however, I made no birdies and had a 6 hole bogey streak. The target score was 164 for 36 holes, meaning an 82-82 or less was ideal. I shot an 85 the first round and knew that I had some work to do during round two if I wanted to pass. I started off my round with a birdie which gave me more confidence. I played a great round shooting 74 (almost a full stroke under the course rating) meaning that I passed by 5 strokes! My drive to pass and focused mindset allowed me to make up for the mistakes I made during round one. I was the only girl to pass (despite never playing the course) AND the youngest competitor there.