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Since I fell short on my goal last year of winning the 2018 District 10 AAA Individual Title, I worked really hard in practice so that I could win this year. From my school season, I earned #1 in my district, which allowed me to automatically qualify for individual districts. For my first round, I shot a 77 while my teammate who won last year’s individual districts, shot a 78. I had a one-stroke lead, but I know that in golf one stroke over 18 holes is minuscule. I was going to have to play smart and well to win the second day. 

Before my round, I knew that this title meant everything to me. At the same time, I wanted to play my round how I play every round of golf – confidently and as well as I could. 

On the first tee box, I was a little bit nervous! I teed up and hit my ball right down the middle of the fairway. I hit my second shot about 85 yards away, and stuck my wedge to 3 feet. I made the putt for birdie! I love starting off well because it gives me confidence and I was so excited to see how the rest of my round played out. 

I made another birdie on the 3rd hole but I didn’t want to feel too comfortable. I continued on with my round and after 9 holes I shot +1. I was playing well on the back nine until I bladed a chip across the green, and had to stand in a bunker to hit another chip out of the rough, and then 3-putted. I made a triple and was really upset but I couldn’t let it effect the remaining holes that I had left. 

I moved on from it and knew that I was 1 down to my opponent with 3 holes to play. I adjusted my strategy to being a bit more aggressive, and hit a driver on a hole that I normally tee off with an iron so that I could have a wedge shot to the green instead of a long iron. I pulled off the shot and made a par but it wasn’t enough. I parred #17 and there was only one hole to go and I was still down. I had to make up for it on my last hole. I hit a really good drive and a decent approach shot. I chipped and 2 putted for a bogey so I shot a 79 which earned me first place by one stroke total.

I would’ve loved to say that I won by more than one stroke or in a better way, but a win is a win. I reflected on my round by thinking of the places that I was strong in and the places that needed work for individual regionals. I made a plan to work on my weaknesses and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to go play at Tom’s Run with the chance to make it to individual states.