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There was excitement throughout my entire golf team prior to our two-day-invitational at our home course, Erie Golf Club. Knowing that we had a chance at winning as a team, we prepared ourselves the best that we could by discussing course management and setting goals for ourselves. 

My personal goals were to first shoot a low score, and secondly to win the individual title. There were many girls attending the tournament but I felt confident in my ability to play some good golf. 

I feel more comfortable when I loosen up with my full swing, so, before our first round, I took myself and a teammate to the range at another course (there isn’t a range at Erie Golf Club). I made solid contact with all of my clubs, so after a bucket I was off to the tournament. I warmed up my putting/ chipping and was ready for the round to begin! 

I didn’t have the best start after being +2 through 3 holes. I missed greens, hit in the sand, and chunked a wedge shot. I kept my composure since bad shots are inevitable and continued onto my next holes with a positive mindset. 

I birdied my next hole and continued to play well! I was especially proud that I had 3 eagle putt opportunities! I knew that I had finally gotten my score to +2 with 2 holes to go. I almost drove the green on my second to last hole, hit my wedge shot to about 8 feet, and the made the putt! I felt that I was in a great position to have a lead after the first day, but I still had one hole left. I hit an amazing drive down the fairway and only had a gap wedge in to the green. I stuck my shot about 6 feet away and drained the putt in the center of the cup for birdie.

I was ecstatic to have shot even par after a few mistakes throughout my round. I was in first place by 3 strokes, so I knew that I had to work for the win the next day. 

I decided that it would be best to start off my second round by warming up the same was as I did the day before. So, I went to the range, putted, and chipped, and was a little bit nervous to play! I was set to play with my closest two competitors which always makes me feel at ease because I know where I stand during the match so that I can adjust my strategy. 

I got off to a better start with a bunch of pars. I was just missing my birdie putts so I really dialed in on my putting and even made a 40 footer for birdie on a par 3! A few bogeys and a few more birdies later, I was 1-under par for the day. I was on my last hole and unfortunately hit my driver into a hazard! I was upset but took a deep breath and continued with the hole. I wasn’t going to let one shot ruin my whole round so I hit my next shot on the green and 2 putted to make a bogey. 

I was disappointed in my finishing hole, however, I was pleased with my even par total for both days! I showed myself that I was capable of playing some amazing golf. I knew that I had won in my group by a total of three strokes but there was still a chance that someone from another group played really well. 

I was so happy to see my score was the lowest the first day and tied for the lowest the second day, making me the individual champion! My team did well, too, coming in third place overall with scores of 72-72, 78-73, and 97,92.