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I hadn’t played the Penn State White Course since last year so I was eager to see the holes again in the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour tournament. I bought a yardage book from the pro shop just in case I forgot any hidden trouble and to make sure I felt the most comfortable I could be. I started my usual warmup by putting, hitting balls on the range, and hitting putts again – I felt ready for my first round!

My day started off decent with an up-and-down par on the first hole. After that, I had some good holes (no birdies) but luck didn’t seem to be on my side. I had bad breaks from good shots, my birdie putts didn’t drop, and neither did some of my par putts. On the 18th hole my ball clipped the left trees and kicked in front of a tree on the right so I had to swing leftie to put my ball back in play. 

I finished with an 81. I felt like I should’ve shot a lot lower and I knew that I would battle my second day to move up in the field.

The morning of day 2 I had good nerves. I wanted to prove to myself that I could shoot a low score. I started off with a bang with a birdie on the second hole and a -1 front nine. I hit fairways, greens, and hit putts close. I even smiled and said to my step-dad, “Golf is easy when you play like this.” All was going well until my 12th hole. I made a double and then a bogey after it.

I kept my composure and finished out the round with all pars, 1 bogey, and 1 birdie. Thanks to the live scoring I know that my 74 moved me up in the field, but I waited for all of the girls to finish. I ended 9th, 5 places up of where I was after the first day. I was proud of myself for never giving up and for shooting a .2 differential in a tournament round!