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Prior to the event I was ecstatic to start my journey on the AJGA tour. I knew that the competition would challenge me. I had heard from fellow junior golfers that the events were well-run and fun.

I hit on the range in the morning while it was just over 30ºF. I wasn’t too bothered since I came out of a toasty car and I had many layers of pants and jackets on. Before the first tee I put a few hand warmers in my cart gloves that I keep on the handlebar of my push-cart. My playing partners and I teed off and went on playing while it felt like it was getting colder! I did my best at keeping my hands warm but they ended up really swollen after just a few holes, yet I was playing a decent round.

After battling to stay warm and play well in some snowy/rainy weather, I was relieved when we walked off the 18th green as I had shot 82! We got a lunch after so I was happy walking into the clubhouse that I could get warm, eat, and relax until my round the next day. Then, there was talk of getting all of the players back out to play another 18 since the weather was forecasted to be even worse! I ate quickly, warmed up with some putts and made a few swings on the side of the tee box, and went back out for the next round. It got even colder with heavier snow and the course was getting wetter. I did a nice job at adjusting to the green speeds and having to club up on almost every approach shot because the ball wasn’t flying as far. I felt like I played a solid round and shot 84. I was anxious to see where that placed me in my first AJGA event!

I finished tied for 5th out of a field of 11 girls. My goal was to be top half so I was proud of myself for achieving my goal while also for persevering through the 36 hole day in bad weather. I’m excited for my next AJGA tournament!

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